How To Apply For WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

The green verification badge, can elevate your account to new heights. But how may one obtain it? Despite what many people think, there is a procedure for requesting the confirmed green tick on WhatsApp.

We will go over all you need to know about the WhatsApp verification program and show you how to submit a request for the green badge in this in-depth guide.

How To Apply For WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

What Does the WhatsApp Green Verified Tick Mean?

The green verification tick or badge on WhatsApp serves as an authenticity stamp that confirms the account belongs to the legitimate brand, business, organization or public figure it represents.

It is a form of identification that establishes trust and credibility with users. When users see the green tick next to an account, they can be confident that the account is official and not fake or impersonating.

For businesses and brands, the verification tick builds authority and gives them an air of prestige. It shows customers that the company is credible and cares about integrity.

For public figures, politicians, celebrities and influencers, the green tick establishes their identity on WhatsApp and prevents others from making fake accounts under their name.

So in essence, the green verification badge authenticates the account and gives the brand or person a verified status on WhatsApp.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for WhatsApp Verification?

WhatsApp VIP or business account does not approve verification requests automatically. There is a set of criteria the account must meet to be eligible for the green tick:

     Active WhatsApp Account: The account should be at least 30 days old with regular usage. Newly created accounts are not verified.

     Registered Business: The account must represent an official registered business, brand, organization or public figure. Personal accounts are typically not verified unless you are a highly influential public figure.

     SMS/Call Access: The phone number linked to the WhatsApp account should be able to receive SMS or phone calls. Numbers that cannot receive SMS like landlines cannot get verified.

     Uniqueness: Your brand name, organization name or public persona should be unique. Accounts with very common names are harder to verify.

     Public Presence: Your brand or public identity should have an established online presence and be searchable on Google. This validates your authenticity.

Meeting these criteria is necessary if you want your request for verification to be approved by WhatsApp. Simply having a business or being famous is not enough - you need to fulfill the above prerequisites.

Step-by-Step Guide to Request WhatsApp Verification

If you meet the eligibility criteria listed above, follow these steps to request verification for the green tick:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and Go to Verification Settings

     Open WhatsApp on your phone

     Tap on the 3-dot menu button at the top right corner

     Select Settings

     Go to Account > Verification

This is where you can request verification if your account is eligible for it.

Step 2: Tap on "Request Verification"

     In Verification settings, tap on "Request Verification"

     This option will only appear if your account meets the requirements for verification

Step 3: Verify You Are the Account Owner

     WhatsApp will send a 6-digit code via SMS to your phone number associated with your WhatsApp account

     Enter this code to verify you are the legitimate owner of the account requesting verification.

This step prevents fake accounts from trying to get verified on someone else's number.

Step 4: Submit Required Documentation

WhatsApp will ask you to submit the following via email to [email protected]:

     Clear photo of company logo

     Cover image/avatar photo

     Copy of business registration certificate

     Copy of trademark registration certificate

     Website address

     Explanation of what your business/brand does

The documents should show your business name, brand name or public persona clearly. Submit high quality scanned copies or images to avoid any confusion.

Step 5: Add Your WhatsApp Number in Email

When emailing your documents to WhatsApp support, mention your WhatsApp number in the body of the email.

This links your documents back to your WhatsApp account under review.

Step 6: Wait for WhatsApp to Review Your Request

Once you have submitted your verification request and documents via email, WhatsApp will review your application.

This process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on how busy they are. Be patient during the review period.

If WhatsApp needs any clarification or additional documents during the review, they will contact you via email. Be responsive to ensure your request is approved.

Step 7: Display Green Verification Tick

If your request meets WhatsApp's criteria, they will approve it and you will see the coveted green verification tick next to your profile name.

This establishes you as an official, credible and authentic brand or public figure on WhatsApp.

Note that WhatsApp may reject your application if you do not meet the verification criteria, even if you submit all documents. In this case, you cannot reapply for some time.

Why Getting Verified on WhatsApp Matters

Here are some key reasons why you should get the WhatsApp green verification tick if you are eligible:

     Increases trust and credibility - The green badge establishes you as the legitimate brand or public figure you claim to be. Users will find you more reliable.

     Unlocks business profile features - Verified accounts get access to WhatsApp business profile features like auto-responses, analytics and more.

     Boosts visibility - Verified accounts stand out in search results and listings with the green tick badge. This improves discoverability.

     Prevents impersonation - The verification mark distinguishes you from fake accounts trying to impersonate your brand or identity.

     Improves customer service - Customers feel reassured contacting a verified account for grievance redressal and queries.

     Builds authority - The verification tag lends an air of prestige and influence to your brand or persona on WhatsApp.

For established brands and public figures, going through the verification process is important to improve trust and engagement with your audience on WhatsApp. The benefits outweigh the effort required.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Requesting Verification

To boost your chances of approval, avoid these common errors people make when submitting for WhatsApp verification:

     Using a personal account instead of an official business/brand account

     Recently created account instead of an account active for over 30 days

     Submitting low quality documents that are unclear or incomplete

     Not mentioning WhatsApp number in the documents email to WhatsApp support

     Sending web links and screenshots instead of official registration certificates and licenses

     Getting impatient and emailing support multiple times to follow up on application status

Your verification request has a fair probability of being accepted if you carefully study WhatsApp's verification standards, present documents of the highest quality, and satisfy the qualifying requirements.

What are the requirements for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

To be eligible for the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification, your account should be a business account and adhere to WhatsApp's policies. Ensure your business information is accurate, and you have a recognizable profile picture. WhatsApp will review your application, and if your account meets the criteria, you may be awarded the Green Tick.

How long does it take to get WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

The verification process duration can vary. After applying, WhatsApp will review your business account, and if everything is in order, you might receive the Green Tick within a few weeks. However, the timing isn't guaranteed, so be patient and continue providing accurate and reliable information on your business profile.


The WhatsApp green verification badge elevates your brand or profile to exclusive verified status on the platform. While not easy to get, going through the proper steps to request verification is worthwhile for serious organizations and public figures wanting to build trust and credibility on WhatsApp.

Follow this guide properly and arm yourself with the right documents to submit a convincing verification request. With some patience during the review process, you can get the verification tick and take your WhatsApp presence to the next level.

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