Achieve Efficiency In Hosting Beauty Events and Workshops Automating Scheduling Processes

Beauty events are informative and fun to attend. Hosting them is exactly the opposite. From managing the event preps to choosing the location and more, event planners are always on their toes. They must find ways to ease their business processes in order to achieve maximum potential and provide the best services.

Hosting beauty events and workshops is a great way to attract clients and customers without spending too much on them. It offers an opportunity to businesses that serve in the beauty industry. Beauty businesses can launch their products, introduce new services, and gain loyal customers. However, any kind of inefficiency can turn the event into a disaster.

But you can prevent inconvenience and ensure consistency in every event you host. Event managers have a lot on their plate and must incorporate strategies that help them ease their workflow. Automating the processes and workflow is a strategy event organizer can rely on. Scheduling being the major aspect of the events and the events industry, it must be considered for automation.

Achieve Efficiency In Hosting Beauty Events and Workshops_ Automating Scheduling Processes
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This article discusses the challenges of manual scheduling and why automating scheduling processes is essential to providing quality services. We also look at the key advantages of an automated scheduling system.

Let’s dive into it!

Challenges of Manual Scheduling

Manual or traditional scheduling techniques are no longer relevant in today’s technology-driven world. Technology has taken over many repetitive jobs that otherwise were time-consuming and required a lot of human work. Even in the event management industry, hosting beauty events can get a bit easier if administrative tasks are automated. Here is a list of challenges that beauty event managers face due to manual scheduling:


Manually scheduling tasks is a tedious process. From informing and collaborating with various departments to scheduling it on the calendar and inviting the participants, it is time-consuming. Beauty event managers spend a lot of time figuring out the event details and sending invitations.


With a lot of tasks to be done one after another and the uncertainty of completing them on time, administrators often lose track of productivity. It leads to work delays and inefficiencies such as errors, conflicts, overbooking, double bookings, loss of data, etc.

Miscommunication and inconveniences

As event management requires a team to organize and arrange various functionalities, keeping everyone updated regarding the schedules is essential. Due to manual scheduling, there are high chances of miscommunications that lead to inefficiencies.

Importance of Automating Scheduling Processes

Now that you have read about the challenges of manual scheduling, you might have realized that your business faces them too. Well, it's now time to say goodbye to daunting manual scheduling processes, as automation is here to take over. Automation is the new way to improve efficiency in your event management business.

The word automation refers to the process of optimizing workflows and business processes using technology that aims to improve efficiency and productivity. The most common and obvious business process that can be automated to reduce inefficiencies is scheduling. Automated scheduling can potentially eliminate the hassles of manual scheduling and improve the efficiency of workflow.

Automated scheduling accelerates the process of scheduling bookings, meetings, classes, or appointments and helps save more than half of the time from manual scheduling. It streamlines the scheduling process and helps beauty event managers organize all the work progress in one place. Moreover, scheduling automation platforms also provide additional features that combine to solve all the administrative task problems.

An effective platform that provides many features on one platform and promises enhanced productivity is Picktime. Picktime is a beauty event management solution that caters to the exact needs of event managers. It is designed to resolve the issues of manual scheduling and provides a vast number of features, eliminating the need to hop onto various applications.

The impactful features of Picktime include easy event slot bookings and registrations, automated scheduling, an online calendar, a registration database, automated reminders, invoice generation, payments management, staff management, recurring bookings, multiple location access, and more. The automated scheduling system schedules appointments, event tasks, classes, and event bookings into the online calendar without human intervention.

Additionally, event managers can manage their team on their phones or desktops without having to make multiple phone calls to each staff member. Picktime offers a staff management feature that helps view staff’s schedule, assign work, and track progress. It keeps the team connected and updated. The automated reminders send email and text reminders to the participants and attendees of the beauty event so that no one misses it. It effortlessly eliminates the problem of no-shows.

The customizable booking page can be used to allow clients and customers to book a slot or register for the event. This page helps to view the beauty event details, book a spot for the event, and make payments. The powerful integrations of Picktime help manage video meetings, payments, booking widgets, and more without having to hop onto other applications.

Advantages of Automating Scheduling Processes

Automating the scheduling process opens doors of opportunity to manage the business more efficiently. It helps streamline the workflow, enhance the customer experience, and level up the business growth. Here are a few benefits of an automated scheduling process that can potentially leverage the success graph of your business.

Better communication

Communication plays an important role in beauty event management. Automating the workflow helps keep the team updated at all times. It allows better and clearer communication to avoid any delays and confusion.

Improved team productivity

Automation improves the team’s productivity with faster progress and completion of administrative tasks. They are bound to work better and more efficiently without causing inefficiencies. Improved productivity helps achieve efficiency.

Enhanced customer experience

The customer experience is the key to business growth. An automated system not only helps beauty event managers optimize their workflow but also provides a seamless booking process for customers, ensuring an enhanced customer experience.

Saves time, money, and resources

Automated systems are faster, more efficient, and budget-friendly. They are cheaper than hiring humans and investing in resources to handle scheduling. With more time on their hands, beauty event managers can focus on growing their business.

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