Bihar Train Accident: Second Biggest in the World! When Did Others Happen

Train Accident in Bihar: Anand Vihar Kamakhya Anand Vihar Kamakhya North East Express bogies from Delhi to Guwahati all derailed, resulting in two bogies tipping over. More than 70 people have been hurt as a result of the catastrophe, and five individuals have already died as a result. The number of deaths could rise. Read about previous significant train incidents in Bihar.

Bihar Train Accident

Detail Information
Date October 11, 2023
Time 9.35pm
Location Raghunathpur, Bihar, India
Train North East Express (12506)
Number of coaches derailed 3
Number of casualties 4
Number of injured 100+
Cause Under investigation

On Wednesday evening in Bihar, a terrible train disaster occurred close to Raghunathpur between Buxar and Ara. Anand Vihar Kamakhya North East Express bogies from Delhi to Guwahati all derailed, resulting in two bogies tipping over.

In this railway calamity, four individuals died and over one hundred people suffered injuries.  20 of these were sent to Patna, where they are receiving medical care.  It is possible that the death toll will rise in such a circumstance.

Rescue and relief efforts are under progress.  The tracks dislodged where the collision occurred and scattered all over the area.  Officials from the districts of Buxar and Arrah as well as railway rescue teams from Patna, Arrah, and Buxar are on the scene.

As soon as the news of Bihar train accident was received, the police administration and people from villages 15-20 kilometers away came running and reached there using whatever means they could.  Rescue was done with the help of villagers.  Due to darkness there was a lot of difficulty in rescue.  In the light of torches, people trapped in the coach were rescued and sent to the hospital.

Bihar Rail Accidents: A Timeline

That dark day of June 6, 1981

The Bihar Train Accident, which was also the second-largest train accident in the world, occurred in Bihar.  The largest train accident in the nation happened on bridge number 51 of Dhamara Ghat on the Saharsa-Mansi railway section 42 years and four months ago, on June 6, 1981.  Nine boxes were present, seven of which were in the river.

In this tragedy, more than 1000 individuals perished, yet according to government statistics, just about 300 people did.  Even today, several persons could not be found as the search for dead remains lasted for several weeks.  Many people still have anxiety while getting on trains nowadays because of that tragedy.

September 10, 2002: Rafiganj rail accident

Today, September 10, 2002, marks the 21st anniversary of the high-speed Rajdhani Express's derailment on the Dhwa River Bridge at Rafiganj, Bihar, which resulted in more than 130 fatalities and hundreds more injuries.

Major railway accidents in the country

August 20, 1995: Purushottam Express collided with stationary Kalindi Express near Firozabad. More than 400 people lost their lives in this accident.

November 26, 1998: Jammu Tawi collided with three derailed Golden Temple Mail coaches in Sealdah, Punjab. 215 people lost their lives in this.

August 2, 1999: Awadh Assam Express parked at Gasal station of Katihar division of Brahmaputra Mail Northern Railway was hit. More than 285 people were killed in this.

June 2, 2023: Three trains, including a goods train, 12841 Coromandel Express and 12864 Bengaluru-Howrah SF Express, collided in Balasore, killing more than 280 people.

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