The First Assamese Superhero Movie

The first Assamese superhero movie was released in 2022 titled 'Advitya', but did you know that an American comic book superhero was to be adapted in the form of a live action movie in Assam back in 1990?

Yes! Indeed it's shocking to know that such a thing would have been dared by Assamese film makers, that too in 1990. Who was the American superhero that was to be adapted? Who were the planners of this movie? How much progress did the movie go through before it's cancellation? And why was it even cancelled? You will find your answer in this article.

Assamese First Superhero Movie

The movie was planned by late Samsul Huda, a forgotten producer and distributor of Assamese movies. The film's title was initially decided as 'Betaal : prosondo dhumuha' which in english means 'Phantom : the great storm'. Although there was no director selected for the film, nor did the casting ever take place. Although the songs for the film were prepared with the involvement of legendary Bhupen Hazarika, Ridip Dutta and Shanta Uzir. The film would also feature songs of Shahnaz Begum (daughter of Samsul Huda) who sang 'kichumaan achhey gan' in Samsul Huda's film Bohagor Duporia (1985). As previously mentioned that there was not casting done, meaning no shooting, no concept arts. Although the script was fairly written, the story of the film will be discussed in this article aswell.

Who is the Phantom?

The phantom is a fictional superhero made by Lee Falk, who first debuted on 17 February 1936 (2 years before superman did). The character has been adapted later for movies, TV series, games and animated series etc. And a new film is in development in India, to be made by famed director Vasan Bala and film producer Ronnie Screwvala known for movies like. To know Phantom's origin, please check out this detailed article on Assam Tribune.

Who is Samsul Huda?

Samsul Huda owned S.H film production house. His history is very lesser known, the information is collected from his daughter Shahnaz Begum. He began as a struggler, but his struggle turned out fruitful as he produced great Assamese films like Roja Harichondro (1980) directed by Bibhen Barua... It was the Assamese remake of the famous 1913 Dadasaheb Phalke silent film 'Raja Harishchandra'. His another notable movie produced was Bohagor Duporiya released in 1985, directed by Jones Mahalia which starred Biju Phukan, Arun Nath, Nipen Goswami,Mridula Baruah,Runu Devi, Parveen Amin, Mirel Kuddus, Dinesh Das and Binadas Manna. The movie has songs of honourable Assamese playback singer Bhupen Hazarika. This movie was Assam's first CinemaScope movie. Before Bohagor Duporiya (1985), there was a movie that was produced by Samsul Huda with director Jones Mahalia, the name of the movie was 'Duronir Rong' which was released on 16th November 1979. After Samsul Huda's death on 25th October 1999, his business wasn't inherited by his children and S.H film production house ended.

Assamese Superhero Movie

Vision and purpose of the film

Unlike other superheroes movies, this movie of Samsul Huda was made on a deep purpose. This movie was decided to be made against terrorism, as terrorism grew rapidly in Assam during the 80s and 90s. Those terrorist used to brainwash innocent people against armed revolts and Samsul was one of the people who didn't support this idea. Those who know Assam's history would definetly know that what was the name of the terrorist group. During the 80s, every 1 out of 3 person in Assam was a phantom fan, that's why Samsul decided to make a film that would attract mass audience of Assam to watch this film. The film was totally based against the terrorism acts of those times. He although decided to make the movie without a copyright from King features syndicate.

The plot of this Film

His movie bohagor duporiya (1985) ended with a post credit scene where the son of the main lead was arrested by the police allegedly for no reason. Later the story would have continued in the movie 'Betaal : prosondo dhumuha' as the boy comes out of jail all grown up. He fills hatred inside in heart against the people of the country and joins a terrorist group. Later, the terrorists abduct a princess and ask for a ransom, or else they will kill the Princess and attack Assam. The government wants to negotiate but the defense minister doesn't, he contacts the ghost who walks - the Phantom, to help them. In this part, Samsul has done some changes to stay away from a copyright, he gave phantom's elter ego an Assamese name instead of the name phantom has in comics 'Kit Walker'. Plus, the movie would have featured phantom living in the jungle of Kaziranga instead of Deep woods. Continuing with the story, Phantom comes to the rescue of the Princess. He finds the hideout of the criminals and faces them hand to hand. He rescues the princess but suddenly the boy (mentioned the beginning of the film) arrives in front of him, both fight for long and suddenly phantom's mask is torn out by the boy. And in comic books as we know "Whoever looks into the eyes of the phantom dies a horrible death" - old jungle saying. A burning log of wood falls upon the boy burning him to ashes and Phantom rescues the princess successfully.

Phantom Cartoon

What happened to the film?

It is not clear why he cancelled the movie from almost happening, some presume that he feared the terrorists to harm or so. As per his daughter, he didn't just plan for one film on phantom, rather there was another one to come in 1995. It's really sad to know the movie never happened, else it would have been a proud moment for the film industry in Assam. Samsul Huda died on 25 October 1999 and buried in nagaon town cemetery with his legacy he carried along with him.

Written by Talha Amin

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